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Two Suns Co. was born out of necessity.

Different adventures

My name is Dave, climber, runner, surfer, maker and recently, new dad. After years of building out, adventuring and living in vans; a delightfully different adventure came along in the shape of twins. The much-loved Sprinter soon had to go (it only had 3 belted seats) and a new adventure vehicle was needed.

The list of requirements was huge, it had to do almost everything the Sprinter had, but now we also had to carry 2 child seats, a double pushchair, the dog and endless bags of kiddie stuff. It had to work for everything from nursery and supermarket runs, to family days out and extended off-grid adventuring.

The eternally popular VW Transporter in its 4WD drive flavour was chosen as a suitable base vehicle. Now to make it family functional…

Job done proper

The brief was to create a piece of furniture that made the back of the van highly functional for every day use; folded out into a full-size double bed; was easy to remove and disassemble; looked awesome and built using beautiful and sustainable materials.

Just a few months after the twins came into the world in November ’19, news stories started circulating about some strange new virus. Extended periods at home and no chance of needing to go anywhere any time soon meant that the prototyping and testing phase could be done slowly and properly.

Many prototypes later and a lot of time spent painstakingly digitising the design into cut files and the final unit was ready for installation and testing.

Anyone for an adventure?

Eventually came the task of a thorough summer road test with the family. We spent 3 weeks on the road and everything worked like a dream straight out the gate, but just to make doubly sure we went away again.

It soon became obvious that I wasn’t the only Transporter owner with a family and so the Two Suns Co. brand was born, with the simple aim to make family van adventures easy and enjoyable. It seems more important now than ever to get outdoors and soak up all the mental and physical health benefits that time outside brings. I feel very lucky to have the perfect family adventure vehicle to make that happen.

I hope you’ll join me.

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